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Course A: Solid Waste Management

We provide the participants with a reference frame for defining critical problems of solid waste and landfill management and define useful methods of analysis for current problems. Many landfills have turned to be modern landfills by Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) techniques, which lead to a significant reduced landfill pollution potential for soil, and ground water.

Course B: Waste Water Management

We provide the participants with waste water treatment and management with information on actual problems and technologies. It presents the sanitary technology used in the western countries which can be characterized as 'flush and discharge' technologies with mechanical-biological Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTPs) at 'the end of the pipe'. The course will illustrate the problems and disadvantages of the conventional waste water systems (such as: high energy demand, large amounts of drinking water for flushing, loss of nutrients etc.) which are identified for many years now.

Course C: Energy from Waste and Waste Water

We provide the participants new solutions for dealing with waste recycling in urban area (urban mining), an interesting environmental solution in using landfills and settlement as mines and by this cleaning up polluted landfill sites. Landfills and waste water can also be used as a source of energy. Recycling systems to produce materials or energy from waste products have now become well established in Europe. In some case, that means materials recycling, while in other cases that means energy recovery. For recycling organic wastes in landfill, organic wastes can be converted into biogas, ethanol or methanol which can be used to generate electricity and biodiesel.