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EU Waste management legislation

Dr. Dorvil Patrick L., European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

Solid Waste Module aim:

  • Provide insight into the solid waste sector, their past and likely future public (and private) funded investment programmes. Enhance understanding of development and appraisal of business cases for solid waste projects.
  • Understanding of the drivers behind the waste sector demand for investment in terms of responding to:
    • EU policy and legal aspects
    • Sector Drivers and Triggers
    • Market demand (Business opportunities, aggregate growth)
    • Issues and Changes in technology
    • Global trends
  • Explore business cases in the various sectors and provide critique based on ex post information.
  • Investigate the various methods of project appraisal for every sector and identify best practices and pitfalls 
Project appraisal methods:
  • Net Present Value / Internal Rate of Return (NPV/IRR)
  • Cost Benefits Analysis / Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CBA/CEA)
  • Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA)
Some Key Readings

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The New Programming Period 2007-2013 Guidance on the Methodology for carrying out Cost-Benefit Analysis Working Document No. 4

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