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Our confirmed speakers

picture of greger
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Greger Manfred

Main features and characteristics of biogas production

University of Luxembourg


picture of hansen
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hansen Joachim

Sustainable use of energy in municipal wastewater treatment plants

Energy recovery strategies in the urban water cycle

University of Luxembourg


picture of knerr
Dr.-Ing. Knerr Henning

Close loop systems for a reuse of wastewater - theory and experiences

Elimination of micropollutants from wastewater advanced oxidation processes

University of Kaiserslautern, Germany


picture of rett
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rettenberger Gerhard

Recycling and energy recovery from Solid Waste

Landfill gas emissions – methods for control and reduction

Landfill reuse and urban mining

University for Applied Sciences Trier, Germany
picture of thiele
Prof. Dr. agr. habil. Thiele-Bruhn Soeren

Antibiotics in Waste and Wastewater

University of Trier, Germany


picture of emm
apl. Prof. Dr. habil. Emmerling Christoph

Waste in agriculture and farming

Univesity of Trier, Germany


picture of dorvil
Dr. Dorvil Patrick L.

EU Waste management legislation

Financing Solid Waste Projects in EU-sector: Sector Issues and Opportunities for EIB

Energy from Waste: EIB Contribution

European Investment Bank, Luxembourg
picture of fischer
Prof. Dr. Dr. Fischer Klaus

Importance of enzymatic processes for the removal of organic trace pollutants from wastewater

University of Trier, Germany


picture of hart
Mr. Hart Stephen

EU Wastewater management legislation

European Investment Bank, Luxembourg
picture of hien
MSc. Hien Sebastian

Energy recovery strategies in the urban water cycle

Urban mining in Wastewater treatment plants - Recovery of nutrients from Wastewater and sludge

University of Luxembourg
picture of schutz
Dr. Schutz Georges

EOS - A multi criteria expert system for improving energy consumption on municipal WWTPs – theory and practice

CRP H.Tudor / CRTE, Luxembourg


picture of wagner
Prof. Dr. Wagner Jean-Frank

MBT-Waste: Technology and material characteristics

Behaviour of old and modern landfills

University of Trier, Germany